Demo project

The demo/ folder holds a demo project to illustrate django-formrenderingtools usage.

Browse demo code online

See demo folder in project’s repository [1].

Deploy the demo

System requirements:

  • Python [2] version 2.6 or 2.7, available as python command.


    You may use Virtualenv [3] to make sure the active python is the right one.

  • make and wget to use the provided Makefile.


hg clone
cd django-formrenderingtools/
make demo

It installs and runs the demo server on localhost, port 8000. So have a look at http://localhost:8000/


If you cannot execute the Makefile, read it and adapt the few commands it contains to your needs.

Browse and use demo/demoproject/ as a sandbox.


Use the demo project as a sandbox!


Demo is part of the development process and part of the documentation. It has been created to both help users discover the application and developers to test features with real-world use cases.